My studio practice investigates identity, lineage and Diaspora through traditional and experimental media.  A parallel discourse emerged, between expanding the boundaries of traditional methods and problematizing static perceptions of the self. 

My interdisciplinary approach surfaced from necessity, so to address heterogenic and pluralist tendencies.  I work from an expanded definition of printmaking, collage, performance and digital media.  Digital applications allow me to create bridges between traditional media so to expand on the lineage of my imagery.  I extract and uproot elements from completed works and transplant them onto new forms.  The transplantations call lineage and Diaspora into question and it allows me to grapple with the oscillation nature of adaptation, acclimation and translation.  Even though my works can be classified as prints, performance, mixed media and video; traces of previous forms are evident.  A significant method emerged in my practice termed Print Performance, where I embody the print process by becoming the substrate, equipment and pressure.

My works display personal and collective experiences from various multicultural narratives, but I particularly focus on the Latin American and Canadian experience.  I am interested in the ‘fresh Diaspora’ within Canada and the USA.  Central Americans constitute a ‘fresh Diaspora’; that is an ethnic minority produced by migration patterns, which maintain sentimental or material links with its land of origin.  The Latino Canadian experience and my own personal ‘Can-tino’ experience also suggest Chicano and Nuyorican influences.  My works aim to visualize the developing Latin American and Canadian experience among other Diasporas of today.