Alejandro Arauz is an interdisciplinary artist exploring issues of identity, diaspora, and transplantation through the vernacular of print media, performance, video, drawing and painting.  Digital applications allow Alejandro to create bridges between mediums to expand on the lineage of his imagery.  Alejandro is particularly interested in the Latin American Diaspora within Canada and the USA.  Alejandro earned his Honors BFA from the University of Windsor in Canada and an MFA degree from Louisiana State University.  Alejandro Arauz was born in Nicaragua and raised in Canada.  Alejandro has exhibited in Canada, USA and Cuba, in addition to receiving grants and awards from the Ontario Arts Council, Queen’s University and Louisiana State University.  Alejandro currently teaches in the fine art departments at Nipissing University, in addition to completing teaching appointments at the Ontario College of Art and Design Univerisity, Queen’s University and the University of New Mexico.